Group Benefits Services

As owners and managers of a small business, you know the importance of getting and keeping good people.  You need quality and you need continuity - a long-term employee will generate substantially more profits for your company than a series of short-term employees.

One major factor in giving employees a sense of security and satisfaction is a solid benefits plan.  When they don't have to worry about medical expenses, or financial protection against a disability, they can focus on their work.

Implementation of an Employee Benefits Program to address these concerns will provide a meaningful incentive for high-quality employees to join and stay with your company.

These programs are designed to build upon the basic governments programs offer by the provincial and federal governments in Canada.

Employee Benefits

The base benefits of a plan are typically made up of:

  • Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Extended Health Care
  • Dental

Options Benefits Include:

  • Long Term Disability (LTD)
  • Short-Term Disability (weekly income)
  • Critical Illness


In terms of perceived value by employees both Dental and Extended Health Care rank the highest.  LTD is often overlooked however is a valuable and necessary benefits in providing long term care for your workers should an accident or illness prevent them from working.

The social programs in Canada were not designed to be the complete cushion for Canadians in the event of illness, retirement or death.  These benefits alone are not sufficient, but must be supplemented by private health care programs and one's own retirement planning.